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Friday 12 June 2015

Pending WIP Costing transactions (Resolving Period Close Pending Transaction R12 or Inventory Closing Steps in Oracle Apps R12 )

Pending WIP Costing transactions

Resolving Pending WIP Cost transactions is a process of determining and fixing what is preventing a record form being processed through the WIP_COST_TXN_INTERFACE table. Details of pending transactions can be viewed through the applications by navigating to the pending resource transaction form.

WIP > Resource Transactions > Pending Resource Transactions

In the Pending Resource Transaction window, you can view, update and resubmit resource transactions that have failed validation and remain in the WIP_COST_TXN_INTERFACE table. You can also resubmit and delete transactions whose concurrent process has failed and have a processing phase of Complete and a process status of Error. There are seven tabs to select the type of information: Processing, Source, Concurrent Request, Job or Schedule Name, Operation, Resource, Transaction, Comments and Project Information which provide detailed information to help in resolving pending resource transactions.

Erred transactions will have the Transaction Id And Group ID populated and the Status will be "Error". Pending transactions will have the Transaction ID and Group ID fields blank and the Status will be "Pending".

To view error details for failed resource transactions, select the transaction and click on the [Error] button. The Pending Resource Transaction error window appears. Column indicates the name of the column in the resource transaction interface table (WIP_COST_TXN_INTERFACE) THAT FAILED VALIDATION. 

Transaction ID, Transaction Identifier

Fields in Processing Tab:

Group Id, Transaction group identifier

Phase, the Transaction processing phase

Status, Transaction processing status

Fields in Source Tab:

Source Code, Code of the shop floor control system that generated the transaction record 

Source Line, Identifier used by source shop floor control system 

Created By, Username of person that created the record

Fields in Concurrent Request Tab:

Request ID, Request Id

Phase, the Transaction processing phase

Status, Transaction processing status

Message, Concurrent Message

Fields in Job or Schedule Name Tab:

Organization, Organization identifier

Job or Schedule Name, WIP job or repetitive assembly name

Line, WIP line identifier

Assembly, Inventory item identifier of assembly that job or schedule creates

Fields in Operation Name Tab:

Op Seq, Operation sequence number within a routing

Dept, Department Identifier

Res Seq, Resource sequence number

Name, Resource code

Type, Resource type

Employee Number, Employee number

Fields in Resource Tab:

Activity, Activity name

Charge Type, Method of charging the resource

PO Number, Purchase order Identifier that the receipt is against

Currency, Unique Identifier for the currency

Actual Rate, Actual rate of the resource

Fields in Transaction Tab:

UOM, Unit of measure used for the transaction

Quantity, Transaction quantity

Date, Date transaction was performed

Type, Transaction type

Fields in Comments Tab:

Reason, Standard transaction reason name

Reference, Transaction reference descriptive text

Fields in Project Information Tab:

Project Number, Project Identifier

Task Number, Project task Identifier

Resubmitting Failed or Pending Resource Transactions 

In the Pending Resource Transactions window either check the transaction's Resubmit checkbox to resubmit one record or chose Select All for Resubmit from the Special Menu and selectively deselect individual transaction you do not want to resubmit, save your work. Erred transactions can also be resubmitted via the following SQL statement:


This will resubmit records in PROCESS_STATUS = 3 (Error), nulling out the transaction id, group id, and concurrent request id and change the process status to pending. 

The "Cost Manager" is the manager that will launch the "Resource Cost Worker" (short name CMCCTW) or the "Overhead Cost Worker" (short name CMCOCW) to process the resource or resource overhead transactions in the WIP_COST_TXN_INTERFACE table.

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Ref -: Oracle Doc (Doc ID 1069492.1)


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