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Friday 12 June 2015

Pending Shop Floor Move(Resolving Period Close Pending Transaction R12 or Inventory Closing Steps in Oracle Apps R12)

Pending Shop Floor Move

Resolving unprocessed Move Transactions is a process of determining and fixing what is preventing a record from being processed through the WIP_MOVE_TXN_INTERFACE table. Details of pending move transactions can be viewed through the applications by navigating to the pending move transactions form:

WIP > Move Transactions > Pending Move Transactions

Through the Pending Move Transactions window, you can view, update, delete, and resubmit Move transaction records that have failed validation and remain in the Open Move Transaction Interface table (WIP_MOVE_TXN_INTERFACE). You can also resubmit transactions whose concurrent process has failed and had a processing phase of Complete and process status of Error. You can view error messages associated with failed records. Error messages can assist you in updating failed records before resubmission.

There are seven tabs to select information on the move transaction; Processing, Source, Concurrent Request, Job or Schedule Name, Operations, Transactions, Comments, and Scrap Account which provide detailed information to help you resolve pending move transactions.

Fields Common to all Tabs:

Resubmit(checkBox), When Checked and saved the erred transaction line will be resubmitted, if the line is not in error it can not be resubmitted using the Submit checkbox but will have to be resubmitted through a sqlplus script.
Transactions Id, Transaction Identifier
Errors(button), The error details of an erred transactions can be viewed by selecting the transaction and then clicking on the Errors button. Column indicates the name of the column in the wip move transaction interface that failed validation. The message indicates why the transactions failed.

Fields in Source Tab:

Source Code, Code of the shop floor control system that generated the transaction record (null if created by Oracle Work in Process)
Source Line, Identifier used by source shop floor control system (null if created by Oracle Work in Process)
Created By, the User name of the person who created the record

Fields in Concurrent Request:

Request ID, Line item's request ID
Phase, Transaction processing phase
Status, Transaction processing status
Message, Concurrent Message

Fields in Job or Schedule Name:

Organization, Organization code
Job or Schedule Name, WIP job or repetitive assembly name
Line, Line name
Assembly, Inventory item Identifier for the assembly the job or schedule creates

Fields in Operations Tab:

From Operation, Operation the move is from
Seq, From operation sequence number
Department, From department code
Step, From intra-operation step

To Operation, Operation the move is to
Seq, To operation sequence number
Department, To department code
Step, To intra-operation step

Fields in Transaction Tab:

UOM, Unit of measure used in the transaction
Quantity, Transaction quantity (between operations)
Overcompletion Quantity, Overcompletion quantity specified in the transaction UOM
Date, Transaction date
Type, Transaction type

Fields in Comments and Scrap Account Tab:

Reason, Standard transaction reason name
Reference, Transaction reference descriptive text
Scrap Account, General Ledger account charged when the material is scrapped

Erred transactions will have the Transactions ID and Group ID populated and the Status will be 'Error'. Pending transactions will have the Transactions ID and Group Id fields blank and the Status will be 'Pending'.

Erred transactions will have the Transactions ID and Group ID populated and the Status will be 'Error'. Pending transactions will have the Transactions ID and Group Id fields blank and the Status will be 'Pending'.

Resubmitting Failed Move Transactions:

In the Pending Move Transactions window, either check the transaction's Resubmit checkbox to resubmit one record or choose Select All from the Special Menu. Now save your work. The records can also be resubmitted using the following SQL statement:






When you resubmit a record, the system nulls the Transactions ID, Group ID and changes the processing status to 'Pending'.

Deleting Pending Move Transactions Records:

To delete pending move transactions, in the Pending Move Transactions window, select the transaction to choose Delete from the Edit Menu. You can delete failed records that have a processing status of Error regardless of their processing phase. When you delete transaction records, their corresponding error messages are also deleted. 

Records in a BackFlush setup phase;  If there is a failure in the Backflush setup phase, there will be a record in WIP_MOVE_TXN_INTERFACE and a corresponding record in WIP_MOVE_TRANSACTIONS. Records left in WIP_MOVE_TXN_INTERFACE with process_phase 3 should not be deleted. Backflush processing will never happen if these records are deleted, leading to data corruption.

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Ref -: Oracle Doc (Doc ID 1069492.1)


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