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Friday 12 June 2015

Pending Material Transactions(Resolving Period Close Pending Transaction R12 or Inventory Closing Steps in Oracle Apps R12)

Pending Material Transactions

Resolving Pending Material Transactions is a process of determining and fixing what is preventing a record from being processed through the MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table. Details of pending transactions can be viewed through the application by navigating to the Transaction Open Interface form:

Inventory > Transactions > Transaction Open Interface

Using the Transaction Open Interface window, you can view, edit, correct and resubmit transactions received through the open interface. There are four tabs to view information: Error, Location, Source, Intransit and Other which provide detailed information to help you resolved pending transactions. Select a tabbed region to display a type of information:

Error: Interface transaction error information.
Location: Interface transaction location information.
Source: Interface source information
Intransit: Interface in the transit shipping information.
Others: Miscellaneous header and costing information.

The Main Descriptive fields give detailed information on the type of transaction that the cursor is on:

Primary UOM, Transaction quantity in terms of the primary UOM of the item
Qty, Transaction quantity in the primary unit of measure
Date, Transaction Date
Item Description, Inventory item description
Error Explanation, Full explanation of the error that occurred when attempting to process the line item
Lot/Serial (Button), Used if the transaction is associated with a Lot or Serial Number
Submit (Box), When checked and saved the erred transaction line will be resubmitted, if the line is not in error it can not be resubmitted using the Submit checkbox but will have to be resubmitted through a SQL plus script. All erred transactions can be selected to be resubmitted by clicking on 'Tools' resubmit all.

Fields Common to all Tabs:

Item, Inventory item referenced by the line item.
Transaction Source Type, Source types of the transaction, such as WIP Job or Schedule.

Fields in the Erred Tabbed Region:

Error Code, Code describing the error on the last attempt to process the line item.
Error Explanation, Full explanation of the error that occurred when attempting to process the line item.
Header ID, Line item's transaction header ID.
Interface ID, Interface ID that is assigned by the external system to track a set of transactions through the Oracle Inventory transaction interface processor.
Lock Flag, Indicates if the row and its child rows are locked to update from other processes.
Process Flag, the Indicates whether the row has been successfully processed by the concurrent manager, is available for processing or processed with an error.
Request ID, Line item's request ID
Transaction Mode, Method used to process the line item, such as concurrent processing.

Fields in the Location Tabbed Region:

Locator, Locator referenced by the line item.
LPN, The LPN put away. This field will display if you have Oracle Warehouse Management installed, and you are working with a WMS enabled organization.
Org, Organization code of the organization referenced by the line item.
Name, Organization Name
Revision, Revision of the inventory item referenced by the line item.
Subinventory, Subinventory referenced by the line item.
Transaction Date, Date the transaction was entered for processing.
Transaction Quantity, Quantity of the transaction
Transaction UOM, Unit of measure used in the transaction.
Transfer Locator, Destination location.
Transfer Org, Organization code of the destination organization
Transfer Org Name, Organization name of the destination organization
Transfer Subinventory, Destination sub inventory.
Supplier, Supplier
Planning Org, Planning Organization Code

Source Tabbed Region:

Transaction Source, Source of the transaction, such as account number.
Distribution Account, Distribution account for the line item.
Reason Name, The transaction reason.
Source Code, Source of the transaction, such as account number
Source Line ID, User-entered line ID of the source code for the line item.
Transaction Action Name, The transaction action
Transaction Cost, Cost to process the transaction.
Transaction Reference, Reference text describing the transaction
Transaction Type, The transaction type.

Intransit Tabbed Region:

Containers, Number of containers in which the material is stored
Expected Arrival Date, Date you expected to receive the material at the destination organization
Freight Code, The freight carrier for the transfer
Shipment Number, Number uniquely identifying the item or items transferred
Transfer Cost, Cost to process the transfer
Transportation Account, General ledger account charged with the value entered in the Transportation Cost field
Transportation Cost, Cost to physically transfer the material, such as freight carrier charges
Waybill Airbill, The waybill or airbill number for the transfer

Others Tabbed Region:

Department, Oracle Work in Process department code for the line item
Employee Code, Employee who entered the transaction
Encumbrance Account, Account used by Oracle Purchasing to receive the item
Encumbrance Amount, Amount encumbered, reserved against funds when the purchase order or requisition was approved
Expenditure Org, The expenditure organization
Expenditure Type, The expenditure type.
Demand Source Header ID, Source of the demand for the line item, such as an account number.
Demand Source Delivery, Line item detail identifier of the demand source.
Demand Source Line, Line number from the demand source, such as Sales Order line number.
New Average Cost, Recalculated average unit cost for the item.
Operation Seq Number, Number associated with the job or schedule referenced by the line item
Percentage Change, Percentage used to update the item cost.
Project Number, The project number.
Source Project Number, The source project number.
Source Task Number, The source task number.
Task Number, The task number.
To Project Number, The to project number.
To Task Number, The to task number.
Transaction Source Delivery ID, Line item detail identifier of the demand source.
Transaction Source Line ID, User-entered line ID of the source code for the line item.
Value Change, Amount used to increment the current inventory value.

Resubmitting Pending Material Transactions

In the Transaction Interface window, check the Submit option next to the transactions you want to resubmit or choose Resubmit All. If you have many transactions to resubmit, use the Resubmit All button to select all transactions for processing and then selectively individual transaction you do not want to resubmit. Save your work to submit the transactions for processing.

The erred records can also be resubmitted via the following SQL statement:






The "Process transaction interface" is the manager that will launch the "Inventory transaction worker"  to process the transactions in the MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table. If the error message in the Transactions Interface window is not clear reviewing the log file of the "Inventory transactions Worker" may provide more information that could help in resolving the error. 

Note -: See note 148651.1 How to get Debug Information for Inventory Material Transactions

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Ref -: Oracle Doc (Doc ID 1069492.1)


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