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Friday 12 June 2015

Pending LCM Interface Transactions (Resolving Period Close Pending Transaction R12 or Inventory Closing Steps in Oracle Apps R12 )

Pending LCM Interface Transactions

To resolve pending Landed Cost Management (LCM) transactions you need to determine and fix what is preventing a record from being processed through the CST_LC_ADJ_INTERFACE table. Details of transactions can be viewed through the Applications by navigating to the Pending Landed Cost Adjustment form.

Cost Responsibility > View Transactions > Pending Landed Cost Adjustments

The Pending Landed Cost Adjustment Transactions window can be used to view pending landed cost adjustment transactions. You can also use this window to resubmit any erred pending adjustment transactions.

There are three tabs; Processing, Transaction, and Source, to view information on the pending records and an Errors button to view the error if the transactions are in error;

Fields common to all tabs;
Transaction Id, Unique landed cost transaction identifier

Fields in the Processing TAB:

Group Id, Landed cost adjustment processor group id
Phase, Process phase: 1-Pending, 2-Validated, 3-Errored
Status, Process status: 1-Pending, 2-Running

Fields in Transaction TAB:

Item, Inventory Item name
Item Description, Inventory Item description
Organization, Destination inventory organization
Transaction Date, Landed cost adjustment transaction date
Prior Landed Cost, Prior landed cost
New Landed Cost, New landed cost

Fields in the Source TAB:

Rcv Transaction, Parent receipt transaction for LCM shipment
PO Number, Purchase order number
PO Line Num, Purchase order line number
Receipt Number, Receipt number that the PO is received on
Receipt Line Number, Receipt line number the PO is received on

Resubmitting Pending Landed Cost Adjustment Transactions
Select the Resubmit checkbox for each erred transaction that you want to resubmit, and click save. You can also select the Resubmit checkboxes for all rows by clicking Tools > Select All for Resubmit.

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Ref -: Oracle Doc (Doc ID 1069492.1)


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