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Sunday 28 December 2014

Top 50 Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions 

1. What is the difference between Function and Procedure?

2. What are the various restrictions in functions to use in SQL statement?

3. Can we use out parameter in function if we do this then what is the drawback?

4. Select * from 1+null+9 from dual;

What is the output?

5. Select count (*) from tab1; and there is no data in tab1 then what will be the output?

6. How to return values in procedure?

7. Create or replace function f1 as

N number;





End; what will be the output?

8. If there are two columns in a table t1 [a char(10), b varchar2(10)]

And we want to fetch all those records in which in which a=b the write the SQL query?

9. Syntax of collections and cursor?

10. I want to fetch the last name from ‘Oracle_Apps_Guide’. Write the query?

11. How to count commas (,) in the string (a, b, c, d). Write the query?

12. How to replace ‘a’ to null in ‘Anand’?

13. What is the difference between trunk and round?

14. What the difference is between ceil and floor?

15. Can we use lookup in concurrent program?

16. How to register an XML report with and without RDF?

17. If I want to print a message on bottom most “No Data Found” if there is no data in the report then what we need to code in XML as well as RDF report?

18. What are the different ways to create an XML Report without RDF?

19. How many types of frames are there in Oracle report?

20. What is conditional trigger?

21. How to create concurrent program for RDF?

22. What are the various execution methods you have used?

23. Why we use tokens in oracle reports only?

24. How to submit a concurrent program from backend?

25. What is the difference between substr and instr?

26. How to use these functions in data template?

27. How to use select statement in data template?

28. How to call report trigger and parameters in data template?

29. How to join to queries in data template?

30. How to link the concurrent program to data template?

31. What is incompatibility explain with scenario.

32. Name the FND tables you have used?

33. If we are calling fnd_request.submit_request from backend but it is not showing in SRS window then what’s the reason for the same?

34. How to call a request in a trigger?

35. Have you done any customization in any workflow? Explain.

36. Tell me the type and steps to use Alerts?

37. How to perform DML in Alert?

38. Explain PA costing and billing cycle?

39. What are the tables used in Project Accounting?

40. How to map AR with PA tell me the setup required for this?

41. What is AME?

42. What are retcode and errbuf and its values? What is the use of retcode and errbuf in interface?

43. What are the interfaces you have worked?

44. If we want to complete our oracle report program with warning status what we need to do?

45. What is the flow to get any task in your current project?

46. What you have in Form personalization explain the different scenario?

47. What are the different triggers in Form personalization?

48. What are the report triggers?

49. What are the interfaces have designed?

50. Do you know about utl_file?

TOP 50 Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions  

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