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Thursday 28 August 2014

How can Create Document Sequence in r12 for Order Management Transaction Type like "Mixed"

Document Sequence

Go to 

Order management Responsibility < Orders, Returns < Sales Order 

Make a sales Order for Check the Sales Order Number for Mixed transaction type.

Now Sales Order Number Series are 1000. And we want to start sales order number with 1.

Now Go to

Setup < Documents < Define

Define sequence with the name “Doc_Seq_Mixed” And create a sequence with initial value ‘1’.

Note -: You can manage it accordingly and if you want to make it manual then select TYPE Manual.

Now Save it.

Go to

Setup < Documents < Assign

Select Categories Mixed for Transaction Type “MIXED”.

Select Ledger name “Vision Operation (USA)”.

Now Go to Assignment tab .

Assigned Define sequence “Doc_Seq_Mixed”.

Note -: If there are any existing Sequence for the particular time period then firstly fill end date for that sequence.

Now Again Create the Sales Order and check the Series number for transaction type “MIXED”.

Thus we can change the sequence number for any transaction type in order management and another application also.

Now enjoy your Successful development.

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