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Monday, 14 April 2014

Example of $FLEX$ Syntax Used In Value Set


Example of $FLEX$ Syntax Used In Value Set ($flex$ in oracle apps)

Example of using “:$FLEX$.Value_Set_Name” to set up value sets where one segment depends on a prior segment that itself depends on a prior segment. Suppose you have a three-segment flexfield where the first segment is Country, the second segment is State, and the third segment is District. You could limit your third segment's values to only include Districts that are available for the Address specified in the first two segments. Your three value sets might be defined as follows: 

Segment Name              Country_Segment
Value Set Name             Country_Value_Set
Validation Table             Country_Table
Value Column               Country_NAME
Description Column     Country_DESCRIPTION
Hidden ID Column       Country_ID
SQL Where Clause       (none)

Segment Name             State_Segment
Value Set Name            State_Value_Set
Validation Table            State_Table
Value Column              State_Name
Description Column    State_DESCRIPTION
Hidden ID Column       State_ID
SQL Where Clause      WHERE Country_ID =

Segment Name            District_Segment
Value Set Name           District_Value_Set
Validation Table           District_Table
Value Column              District_NAME
Description Column   District_DESCRIPTION
Hidden ID Column     District_ID
SQL Where Clause     WHERE Country_ID =
                                                                               :$FLEX$. Country_Value_Set
                                                                               AND Country_ID =

In this example, Country_ID is the hidden ID column and Country_Name is the value column of the Country_Value_Set value set. The Model segment uses the hidden ID column of the previous value set, Country_Value_Set, to compare against its WHERE clause. The end user never sees the hidden ID value for this example.

"Example of $FLEX$ Syntax Used in Oracle Apps ($flex$ in oracle apps) "

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