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Thursday 19 September 2013


ERP: Resource Planning within an Enterprise. ERP is a term that covers whole Product line. ERP means integration of different module. Any business will greatly benefit by adapting this feature because u can customize it or integrate it with other Packages to satisfy unique requirements.


1). Flow of Information Effectively

2). Maintaining Standardizations

What is Oracle Applications?

Oracle Applications are an ERP Package. The Key Feature of the entire oracle‐Application module is Data In Integration.

Master data is integrated: All the application share common files of customers, bridgeSuppliers, employee, items and other entities that are used by multiple Applications.

Transaction data is Integrated: Oracle automat bridge transactions from one system to another.

Financial data is integrated: Financial data is carried in a common format, and Financial data is transmitted from one application to another.

Oracle Applications is one of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Application packages. It comprises of various Modules, Libraries, Forms, Reports, etc.Oracle Applications is designed on the basis of Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP). It is used to chatter the Business needs of an Organization. It consists of 256 different types of modules, 4000 Forms, 5000 Programs etc. Any Organization can Adopt this package and use the supplied modules with the customization as per their Business requirements.

Oracle works on 3 Tier Architecture (i.e. Client, Application and Database). It Supports Form based Interface (i.e. FIN, MFG, MM & HR) and HTML based Interface (i.e. CRM, SSWA).

Where: SSWA – Self Service Web Architecture

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